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Malala's Girl Power Trip
Over the last few years, Malala traveled around the world to meet girls and learn about their fight to go to school. This fall, she’ll start college and continue her own education. But before that, she’s going on her biggest trip yet, visiting North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Follow her journey as she meets as many girls as possible, delivers their messages to prime ministers and presidents around the globe and fights for a world where all girls go to school.

Before beginning university, Malala travelled to North America, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America on her Girl Power Trip. She was on a mission to meet girls and listen to their stories. Everywhere she went, she heard directly from girls about barriers to their education — conflict, poverty, child marriage and machismo culture. Malala brought their messages and concerns directly to world leaders. During her Girl Power Trip, she held over a dozen meetings with presidents and prime ministers urging them to support girls' education.

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Ottawa, Canada

Malala made Ottawa, Canada the second stop on her Girl Power Trip. During her address to the Canadian Parliament, Malala praised Canada for its welcoming of refugees and spoke of the transformative power of girls’ education. She also chatted with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Facebook Live.

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United Kingdom

Malala returned home to take her end-of-year tests — even Nobel Laureates get nervous for exams!

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Postcards to Malala

Malala set out on her Girl Power Trip with a mission to meet as many girls around the world as possible. Why? Because in every country and community, girls are out of school for different reasons.

To understand the problems and how we can help, we need to hear your stories. That’s why we’re asking you to send Malala a postcard today. Tell her about the out-of-school girls in your community or share why you support girls’ education.

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Iraq and Kurdistan

Malala spent her birthday in Kurdistan and Iraq. She met girls who lived under ISIS captivity and couldn’t go to school, girls who face discrimination because of their religion and girls who speak up for their out-of-school sisters. Some of her new friends even joined her birthday celebration at an amusement park. Malala loves cotton candy!

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Malala is stopping in Latin America to call attention to the rise in child marriage — it is the only region in the world where child marriage is increasing rather than decreasing. In Mexico, she will meet with girls across Latin America who face barriers to their education such as early marriage, internal displacement, machismo culture and poverty.

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New York City

The United Nations General Assembly marked the last stop on Malala's epic Girl Power Trip. She invited two girls she met on her travels to join her in New York. Marie Claire, a refugee from the Congo, and Najlaa, a Yazidi teen from Iraq, shared their stories with world leaders and encouraged them to invest in girls' education. The girls also managed to have some fun with Malala touring the Big Apple.

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