Tim Cook and Malala Yousafzai speak with Syrian refugee girls in Lebanon.

Our partners

Malala Fund believes girls are the best investment in peace, prosperity and our shared future.

With support from the following partners, we are leading the movement for education and equality around the world.


Apple Inc.

Apple supports Malala Fund’s work with the Education Champion Network and Girl Activist Programme. Through our partnership, Apple also assists with technology, curriculum, and research into policy changes to support girls’ education.


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been instrumental in supporting our organisation’s growth, including seeding the launch of the Education Champion Network.

Citi Logo


Citi’s "e for education" campaign invests in Malala Fund’s Education Champion Network and COVID-19 response.

Echidna Giving

Echidna Giving supports our research and advocacy initiatives to ensure progress on quality girls’ education is protected and girls’ education is central to efforts to build back better after COVID-19.

Landry Family Foundation

The Landry Family Foundation invests critical resources into our signature initiative, the Education Champion Network.


Hawk Foundation

Hawk Foundation supports Malala Fund’s work to ensure all girls can learn and lead.


Cochlear Foundation

Cochlear Foundation supports Malala Fund’s work to ensure all girls can learn and lead.

Comic Relief US

Comic Relief US supports Malala Fund's Girl Activist Programme in India and Nigeria with Red Nose Day funds.

Elevate Prize Foundation

Elevate Prize Foundation supports Malala Fund's advocacy for women and girls in Afghanistan, shining a spotlight on the crisis and calling on leaders and activists around the world to take action.

Frame Fatales of Games Done Quick

Frame Fatales of Games Done Quick supports Malala Fund's work by hosting marathon gaming events to fundraise.

Pluralsight One

HP supports Malala Fund's STEAM Education For Girls Initiative in Pakistan to increase girls' access to STEAM education across the country.

Imaginable Futures

Imaginable Futures supports Malala Fund's work to keep girls learning across Brazil.

The North Star Charitable Foundation

The North Star Charitable Foundation supports Malala Fund’s work to ensure all girls can learn and lead.

Pluralsight One

In addition to a financial commitment, Pluralsight One provides access to its learning platform to better equip our staff and Education Champions with the technological skills needed to advance our work.


Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation
arbdn plc
Snowbird Foundation, Inc.
Mike and Christine Spurlino
The Pokemon Company International


Peter Battaglia
Deb Gaines
Duff & Phelps Charitable Foundation
The Eberstadt-Kuffner Fund Fujifilm
Gemini Trust
Green Fig Fund at Schwab Charitable
Hachette UK
Holly Hellman
Lance Ivy
Koonce Family Foundation
Learning Ninjas
Matthew M. Bruckle Charitable Fund
Peter Maxwell
The Morrison Forrester Foundation
Diana Nam
Gregory Newell
Passion Planner
PM Dahlia Gives
Prada Emirates
Bertrand Serlet
David Silberman
Slalom Consulting, LLC Craig & Dorothy Stapleton
Alice Sturm
Tektronix Foundation
Top Hat
The Tushar Patel Charitable Trust
Underdog Games
Ken and Patricia Warner

Malala Fund is building creative partnerships that maximise our impact for girls’ education.

Please contact us if you or your company are interested in joining this list of generous organisations and individuals.