Education Champion Network

Malala Fund believes that real change for girls’ education happens at the local level.

Through our programmes, we invest in education advocates and activists who are challenging the policies and practices that prevent girls from going to school in their communities.

We invest in their work, raise their visibility as individuals, support their professional development and connect them with each other to develop national, regional and global networks.

About the network

Inspired by Malala and Ziauddin Yousafzai’s roots as local activists in Pakistan, we established the Malala Fund Education Champion Network to identify, invest in and scale the work of promising local advocates and educators.

Over the course of a three-year grant, Education Champions implement ambitious and targeted projects and participate in advocacy campaigns to change local and national policies that hinder girls’ education access.

Malala Fund supports Education Champions in Afghanistan, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.


Champions receive tailored support that enhances their skills and abilities to lead change in the communities and organisations they work in.


Through media and strategic public engagements, Champions gain direct access to decision-makers.


Champions connect at national, regional and global convenings to identify opportunities for collaboration.


Over the next two years, Malala Fund will invest $7.8 million in Champions’ programmes and advocacy campaigns

Today, Malala Fund supports 57 Education Champions in 8 countries with the greatest need.

How we identify Education Champions

Malala Fund Education Champions are individuals who have a successful track record of addressing barriers to girls’ education in countries with the most girls out of school.

Every year, Malala Fund receives Education Champion nominations from a wide network of organisations and individuals. Our recruitment process is led by in-country experts who provide national input and insight. Through rigorous analysis, we identify individuals who are able to deliver, through their organisations, high-impact projects that advance girls’ education and create lasting change for girls.


Leading local solutions for education in Lebanon, Nayla Fahed speaks at the Global Refugee Forum.
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