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Implemented in 2014, Tanzania’s fee-free education system eliminated a significant financial barrier to girls’ education, boosting enrolment and retention rates across the country.

Yet, girls in Tanzania achieve lower learning outcomes than boys and are more likely to drop out of school during the transition to higher levels of education. Several factors contribute to this, including insufficient financing for education, poor infrastructure, high rates of child marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM), gender-based violence, expulsion due to pregnancy and the generally low value families place on girls’ education.

Our work in Tanzania

In March 2021, Malala Fund expanded its Education Champion Network to Tanzania. Education Champions Nasra Kibukila, Grace Sikorei and Rose Kalage work across central, southern and northern Tanzania. Our partners are focused on mitigating harmful social norms such as the teenage pregnancy school reentry ban, gender-based violence and the low value attributed to girls’ education, all of which pose threats to girls’ educational participation in Tanzania.

“Education is the passport to every girls’ future, today … let us build our girls' future.”

— Grace Sikorey, Pastoral Women Council.

Today, Malala Fund supports 3 Education Champions in Tanzania.


Malala Fund's Education Champion Network welcomes a new cohort and expands into Tanzania and Bangladesh

Where we Work

Malala Fund works in regions where the most girls miss out on secondary education.