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Although secondary school enrolment in Bangladesh has increased over the last decade, girls are still dropping out and failing to learn the skills they need.

Most girls in rural Bangladesh dropout of school after primary school, with dropout rates at nearly 42% at the secondary school level. Evidence suggests that families continue to invest more in secondary education for boys while girls are more likely to be involved in household activities, leading to school absences, poorer educational outcomes and higher dropout rates. Adolescent girls are also less likely to develop skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects due to deep-rooted social norms and attitudes.

Bangladesh is also highly vulnerable to climate shocks, experiencing growing salinity and water scarcity in coastal areas, more frequent natural disasters and erratic rainfall patterns. These events disproportionately impact girls’ ability to go to school, especially in vulnerable geographic areas like char and haor and coastal areas where climate events pose the greatest threat.

Our work in Bangladesh

In 2022, Malala Fund expanded its Education Champion Network to Bangladesh to ensure girls have access to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. Our partners are working in char, haor and coastal areas so girls can acquire skills that will minimise the digital divide and put them on a path to effectively cope with climate change and promote cohesive solutions for more resilient and adaptive communities.

“When we nourish girls with quality education, we sow the seeds of a brighter future. Educating our daughters is our safest investment towards a healthier, greener and sustainable tomorrow.”

— Runa Khan, Founder & Executive Director, Friendship

Today, Malala Fund supports 7 Education Champions in Bangladesh.


Malala Fund's Education Champion Network welcomes a new cohort and expands into Tanzania and Bangladesh

Where we Work

Malala Fund works in regions where the most girls miss out on secondary education.