Our work

Malala Fund’s key initiative — the Gulmakai Network — supports the work of education champions in developing countries and speeds up progress towards girls’ secondary education around the world.

Education activists like Malala and Ziauddin present the strongest challenge to barriers that keep girls out of school. Threats to girls’ education — like poverty, war and gender discrimination — differ between countries and communities. Local educators and activists understand challenges in their communities and are best placed to identify, innovate and advocate for policy and programmatic solutions.

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Syria Region

Gulmakai Network mission

To accelerate and amplify the impact of local education advocates in countries where girls are most likely to miss out on secondary education.

The meaning of "Gulmakai"

Malala began her fight for girls’ education at 11 years old when she wrote a blog for the BBC detailing what life was like in Pakistan under Taliban rule. She used the pseudonym "Gulmakai" — a fitting name for an initiative that will expand the work of activists just like Malala and Ziauddin.