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Girl Programme

Malala Fund is giving girls the skills to create lasting change in their communities

We believe girls should speak for themselves and tell leaders what they need to learn and achieve their potential. The Malala Fund Girl Programme gives young women the tools they need to advocate for education and equality in their communities and a platform for the world to hear their voices.

Our Girl Programme is a bold approach to youth-led advocacy. By supporting young activists, investing in local organisations and amplifying the voices of young women, Malala Fund is creating a world where girls have the agency to address the barriers standing in the way of their dreams.

“Being a part of the fellowship is an interesting journey with even more interesting people.”

— Meti, Ethiopia

“My experience as a Malala Fund Fellow is great because I am managing to advocate with other girls from my community for a better education.”

— Bianca, Brazil

“The fellowship gives me the opportunity to meet young women around the world to share our experiences, identify difficulties facing girls and brainstorm ideas to solve them.”

— Amina, Nigeria

Girl Programme Pillars

Malala Fund 

Malala Fund Fellowship

Partnering with local organisations

Partnering with local organisations

Amplifying girls’ 
voices through digital innovations

Amplifying girls’ voices through digital innovations

About the Malala Fund Fellowship

In 2021, we welcomed 10 young women from Brazil, Ethiopia, India, Nigeria and Pakistan into our 18-month fellowship programme designed to equip them with the skills and experience to promote greater gender equality within their families, communities and countries. We are collaborating with a diverse team of partners — including 100cameras and Pravah — to provide our fellows with exciting and engaging learning experiences.

During the fellowship, girls will…

  • Develop confidence and advanced advocacy skills to promote girls’ rights at regional, national and global levels
  • Launch a campaign or project to mobilise their peers and address issues that disrupt their education
  • Partner with Malala Fund Education Champions on advocacy initiatives
  • Co-design the future of the Girl Programme
  • Network with young activists from around the world
  • Participate in inter-cultural learning exchanges by connecting with young women from diverse backgrounds

Keeping fellows safe and connected

We uphold the highest context-specific safeguarding measures for young women in our fellowship programme. We also provide each fellow with a phone, laptop and internet data packages to ensure they have digital access.

Partnering with local organisations

The Malala Fund Girl Programme invests in feminist and women-led movements, groups and organisations addressing the barriers preventing girls from completing 12 years of education. Our grants support initiatives working with girls and young women who are unable to develop their agency and realise their rights due to systemic inequalities, discrimination or oppression. 

To date, the Girl Programme has invested in 12 organisations around the world to help thousands of girls develop advocacy, leadership and movement-building skills.

Amplifying girls’ voices through digital innovations

Too often leaders do not take into consideration girls’ opinions and experiences when making decisions about their futures. Using innovative digital technologies, Malala Fund is creating and investing in platforms that amplify girls’ voices and centre their perspectives. 

Assembly, our digital publication and newsletter, is a meeting place for girls around the world. It’s a platform for girls to share their thoughts, challenges and accomplishments — and a source of ideas and inspiration in their fight for education and equality.

Watch videos, read essays and explore social media posts from girls in the programme.

An anonymous Afghan university student shares about her life before and after the Taliban takeover.
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Learn more about barriers to girls' education.

Learn more about barriers to girls' education.

Threats to girls’ education — like poverty, war and gender discrimination — differ between countries and communities.

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