Rani's story

Girls in India are often encouraged to get married, do domestic work or stay at home. But not Rani. She plans to become an army officer one day.

Malala Fund supports advocacy trainings to teach girls like Rani how to speak out against gender norms that hold them back — and encourage their peers to do the same.

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1 in 100

Only one out of 100 girls enrolled in school in India complete grade 12.

Thanks to a Malala Fund grant, Ambarish Rai can advocate to expand the Right to Education Act to guarantee every Indian child the right to 12 years of school.


38% of secondary school-aged girls in India are not in school. Even more are likely to drop out early because of gender bias, poverty or child marriage.

With the help of Malala Fund, Reeta Kaushik and Rehana Rehman encourage parents in Muslim and Dalit communities to send their daughters to school.


In 2017, 27% of girls in India were married by age 18.

A Malala Fund grant supports Dr. Jyotsna Jha's mentorship programme that teaches girls to speak out against unwanted marriages and other issues that affect them.

Gulmakai Champions

Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network supports the work of education champions in countries where girls face the greatest challenges to education. Local educators and activists understand the issues girls face in their communities — and they are best placed to develop solutions.

Meet our Gulmakai Champions in India.

“I want girls to look at me and think they can achieve anything they want.”

— Rani, 17, Girl advocate


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