Consultant for Compensation Equity Project

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Compensation Equity Project

Malala Fund is looking for a Human Resources Consultant with global expertise in designing equity-based compensation frameworks across the countries where we work.


Malala Fund is working toward a world where all girls can learn and lead. With more than 130 million girls out of school today, we're breaking down barriers that hold girls back, ensuring every girl receives 12 years of free, safe, quality education. The girls we serve have high goals for themselves – and we have high expectations for leaders who can help them. Malala Fund is building a movement of education activists who, like Malala, speak truth to power around the world.

Malala Fund embraces the values of equity, boldness and creativity, seeking innovative and unconventional approaches to solving challenges which should also reflect in our compensation philosophy.

Currently, Malala Fund (MF) has 80 plus staff members, and colleagues working in 11 countries (see list of countries below). Colleagues working in programme countries are divided into two (2) subcategories based on staff classification with the organization: employees hired through Employer of Record and employees with Malala Fund employment agreements.

These two (2) forms of staff classifications exist to adhere to the diverse security and legal concerns that arise in the countries that MF currently works in, and each form has an impact on the type of benefits we can provide.

  • Employees that have employment contracts held through the third-party organization or Employer of Record Agency. Malala Fund pays EOR agency’s monthly invoices that reflect the compensation for the Employees. Benefits are provided directly through the EOR agency.

  • Employees that have regular employment agreements with Malala Fund.


It is anticipated that this assignment will be completed in a phased manner over a 3-month period. The work is expected to begin in October of 2022. The final timeline is flexible. If you think this work should take longer, please tell us why and share your recommended timeframe.

Anticipated steps and deliverables:

  • Review and analyze MFs existing compensation materials and policies: a) Salary Policy, Job Grade & Step Structure b) Job Evaluation Framework c) Promotion and Performance - Based Review Process
  • Conduct a limited scope stakeholder interview process.
  • Conduct a broader equity and market analysis to: a) Design compensation framework for Brazil, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Lebanon India, Indonesia and Tanzania. b) Review existing compensation scales of USA, UK, Nigeria and Pakistan. c) Propose a values-aligned compensation framework (salary) that iterates the values of Malala Fund's values of equity and inclusion. d) This framework may include, but is not limited to:
    • Review of existing salary guidelines for decision-making around compensation
    • Review our grading structure and career progression framework that maps out the skills and qualities employees must have to advance to the next level of seniority
    • Propose a procedure for salary framework maintenance
    • Propose a communication strategy that helps Malala Fund more clearly share its decision-making framework with colleagues in a transparent and thoughtful manner*

*Denotes hard deliverables that are expected to be finalized through a review process with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) that may include up to 3 reviews of drafts before approval.

A list of background documents and information available to support this work can be furnished upon request to aid in the preparation of a proposal and budget.


Support for this consultancy will be provided by Shreya Budhraja, Chief Human Resources Officer and Ndi Essien, Human Resource Director. The consultant and Malala Fund staff will have regular check-ins - the frequency will be agreed upon with the consultant.

Engagement with Malala Fund will occur through Zoom and will not require in‐person travel.

The work plan should include meaningful engagement with members of Executive Leadership Team, DEI staff council, In-Country Representatives, Program Directors with virtual facilitation.


Consultant Skills / Aptitude

  • Demonstrable and extensive expertise in international human resources management.
  • Experience producing high quality, credible work around equity-based international compensation and benefits frameworks.
  • Experience in countries where Malala Fund works. These are Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Tanzania, UK and USA.
  • Demonstrated capacity to manage and organize all relevant logistics and activities to effectively carry out the assignment, producing deliverables on time and on budget.
  • Excellent verbal / written communication skills and strong reporting skills for non‐technical audiences.


Interested consulting partners should submit the following:

  • Project plan including approach, workflow and timeline for completion.
  • List of the project team members and describe their roles and qualifications.
  • Please provide the budget information, such as total cost and fees for project, and payment terms and schedule.
  • Curriculum Vitae of all project members.
  • Contact details for three references, including name, title, company, address, phone number and email address of the reference; as well as a brief summary of the relationship. We will not contact references until after the interviews.
  • Sample of work that is most relevant to this assignment.

Please submit these documents via email to & with ‘Malala Fund Compensation Equity Project’ in the email subject. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.

Shortlisted consultants will be interviewed via Zoom, with anticipated start date on Monday, 17th October 2022.