Youth Action Campaign

Help unlock $100,000
so more girls can go to school

Girls’ education can transform communities, countries and our planet. But around the world, nearly 130 million girls are out of school. The pandemic, climate change, racism, war and inequality are exacerbating the barriers they face, threatening their ability to learn and lead.

That’s why Malala Fund advocates for resources and policy changes that improve access to education for girls. We’re working for a world where every girl can choose her own future — but we can’t do it alone.

A group of generous donors has committed up to $100,000 to Malala Fund, and we need your help to unlock this donation! As part of Malala Fund’s Youth Action Campaign, we’ve outlined the many different ways you can support girls’ education around the world — from sharing an article to starting your own fundraiser. Every action you take from the list below unlocks a dollar amount towards $100,000.

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Hear more from girls around the world

On Assembly, Malala Fund’s digital publication and newsletter, young women around the world share their thoughts, challenges and accomplishments in their fight for education and equality. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favourite recent articles from the next generation of female leaders.

Each article you read unlocks $50 towards our fight to see every girl in school. To unlock an extra $25, share your favourite article on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and tag @MalalaFund!

Roll Call

Girls around the world take us through a week in their lives — all in their own words.

Climate Change

Learn about the young women on the front lines of the climate movement.

Racial Justice

Girls share their experiences with racial discrimination and their work to create a more equal world.

Game Changers

Assembly’s annual Game Changers series highlights female athletes around the world who defy convention on and off the field.

Crisis in Afghanistan

In August 2021 the Taliban shut school gates for millions of Afghan girls — robbing them of not just an education but also their futures. As the crisis in Afghanistan continues to unfold, Malala Fund is committed to amplifying the voices of young women speaking out for their right to learn and lead.

If these stories inspire you, be sure to sign Malala’s petition calling on leaders to urgently get millions of Afghan girls back in school. You can also contribute to our Afghanistan fund where all proceeds support our work in Afghanistan.

Step 2: Get involved

Now, it’s time to take action!

From posting on Instagram to starting your own fundraiser, there are so many ways you can support girls’ education. Take an action below to unlock contributions for this campaign:

Why young people are choosing to support us:

“We are twin brothers who have always believed that solving the problems of our world depends on ALL girls getting a full education. We have been working to support Malala Fund ever since we read Malala’s illustrated book “Malala’s Magic Pencil” when we were in kindergarten. Even back then, we thought that Malala had a magical power to use her voice to give hope and inspire girls around the world and help world leaders understand that girls’ education is critical. After we met Malala, we also realized that we could use our own voices to help. We are so thrilled to be working with Malala and have opportunities to speak at schools and in our community about the important mission and work of Malala Fund. We hope to inspire more people to speak up for what they believe in. Our goal is to keep using our voice and take action in different ways so that all girls are able to go to school, and not one girl is left behind.”

- Carter and Tucker Hellman

“I care about education because it is a tool that opens up doors for us to turn our dreams into reality. An educated community sees the world from diverse perspectives and fights for what is right.”

— Jeniffer Lemos Mauldin

“Education is essential to me because it is vital to empowerment. Knowledge can never be taken away, and it will only open doors to employment, higher standards of health, and political opportunities. Most importantly, education gives girls and women the resources to combat inequality and an opportunity to contribute their skills towards the overall betterment of society.”

— Natalie Molina

“I support the Malala Fund because it is a beacon of hope to young girls around the world, and quite possibly, the coolest organization ever to exist. The Malala Fund amplifies the voices of so many passionate girls and creates real changes on the ground with equally passionate educators. I’m so lucky to be involved with the Malala Fund and am beyond excited to continue my support for the organization!”

- Heidi Nam

“I choose to support the Malala Fund because they strive for equality, along with an increase in girls’ education, while involving a lot of young people in their initiatives and campaigns, therefore promoting youth activism.”

- Anya Sen

“Education has to be a right for all children. It is the best inheritance that we can offer our next generations in order to have a better world for them.”

— Alma Rendon

“I care about education because knowledge is power and it will help me understand the perspectives of others. Education should never be catered towards a specific skin color, race, or gender. Everyone needs to learn.”

— Kayla Greene