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Malala Fund publishes 2023 annual report

Malala Fund's 2023 annual report highlights our continued efforts to support girls' education.

Just the beginning

In January 2023, I took over as Malala Fund’s Acting CEO just as our organisation started its 10th year of operation. As we enter a new decade, Malala Fund can proudly say that our relationships are stronger than ever. We are leaders in the fight for girls’ education — and not just because of our steadfast ambition, but because of our actions and our partners.

Malala Fund has an incredible team across four country offices who commit their energy and focus to this work every day. They engage with girls, activists, partners, donors and peers to ensure we are delivering our programmes the best we can. We continue to invest in our Education Champions, who have helped millions of girls learn through their innovative work. In Lebanon they are installing solar panels to keep lights on in schools, in Pakistan they are working with the government to encourage girls to study STEAM and in Tanzania they are establishing PTAs to get parents involved in their daughters’ education. And our Girl Fellows are becoming fixtures at global events, sharing the stage with the very leaders who have the power to improve their lives.

These accomplishments are possible because of your generous support. We are grateful for your investment in our work to achieve Malala’s vision for a world where every girl can learn and lead.

I look at what we have achieved and I am excited for what more we can do. But the hard truth is that a lot of our work has become not just creating progress for girls, but protecting the gains we have already made. And in some cases— the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, flooding in Pakistan and Nigeria and conflict in Ethiopia —we have seen setbacks that may take decades to restore.

Malala Fund’s mission — to deliver free, safe, quality education for every girl — is not an easy pursuit. But it is made easier if we have a solid foundation, and this comes from expanding the reach of the Education Champions we support, increasing the investment in our advocacy efforts, amplifying the voices of our Girl Fellows and developing the skills of our amazing team.

All we need is your unwavering dedication so we can build on our strengths — and ensure our work can withstand whatever the future brings.


Lena Alfi

As Acting CEO of Malala Fund, Lena leads a global team of experts and advocates who are working to ensure that all girls have access to 12 years of free, safe, quality education.

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