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Your fundraiser-ideas could help a girl go to school.

Our amazing supporters combine their talents and passion for girls’ education to raise money for Malala Fund. They run marathons, dedicate birthdays and even write books — all to help us create a more equal world.

What will you do next?

Step One

Create and customise your fundraising page.

Give your campaign some style. Write a brief explanation and upload a photo of yourself. Choose an end date, set a goal — then publish your page.

Step Two

Spread the word.

You have your goal — so let’s help you get there. Post on social media or send friends and family a quick email to let them know about your fundraiser. If you’re passionate about education and equality, chances are they will be too and feel inspired to contribute.

Step Three

Thank your donors!

The best way to show your appreciation is to tell your donors how their gift has made an impact. Find stories about our work on our blog and share them with family and friends who contributed.

That's it! Ready to get started?

Need some ideas to help your campaign stand out?

Our supporters come up with the most clever ways to raise money. Here are some of our favourite fundraisers to inspire your own.

Fundraise with your school

Homestead High School Drama Club donated a portion of ticket sales from their production of “Blue Stockings.”

Fundraise for your birthday

Vinicius celebrated his birthday with a Malala Fund fundraiser and raised nearly $15,000!

Fundraise for your race

Kasia ran the Chicago Marathon and asked friends and family to contribute to girls’ education.

Fundraise for a special occasion

For their wedding, Ashna and Abhimanyu asked guests to donate to Malala Fund.

Fundraise with your club

Girl Scout troop 60130 hosted a bake sale — and donated the proceeds to Malala Fund.

Fundraise with friends

Samantha's writing group dedicated an entire month to composing novels to benefit Malala Fund.

Did you know you can host a fundraiser on Facebook?

It's true! Facebook provides easy-to-use fundraising tools. The best part — it's super simple to invite all of your Facebook friends to contribute so you can reach your goal.


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