Malala Fund year in review: our favourite moments from 2018

<p>Courtesy of Luisa Dorr for Malala Fund</p>

Courtesy of Luisa Dorr for Malala Fund

Malala Fund is proud to support young women and local education activists who make waves for girls every day.

Young women around the world made 2018 a defining year for girls’ education. They broke barriers, spoke out for their rights and paved the path for the next generation of girls. Malala Fund is proud to support these young women and local education activists who make waves for girls every day.

Here are some girl-powered moments and highlights of our work and achievements from 2018:

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  • In Brazil, more than 1.5 million girls are out of school due to poverty, racism and violence. And, Indigenous and Afro-Brazilian girls miss out most. In July, Malala spent her 21st in Brazil to mark the Education Champion Network’s expansion to the region. Learn more about the Education Champions we support in Brazil here.

  • Malala Fund launched its latest campaign about the link between girls’ education and economic development in October. With a foreword by Apple CEO Tim Cook, our report, Full Force: Why the world works better when girls go to school, found that nearly one billion girls and young women are unequipped with the digital skills they need to succeed in the modern workforce. But if all these girls went to school for at least 12 years and secured work, the global economy could grow by up to $30 trillion.

Help Malala Fund accomplish even more game-changing girl moments next year as we continue to fight for every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. With your support, girls can achieve their dreams and change the world. For a limited time, the Starbucks Foundation is matching gifts so you can help twice as many girls reach their full potential.


Bhumika Regmi is digital manager at Malala Fund. She works with Malala Fund’s social media accounts to engage supporters and share updates on the latest campaigns and messaging.

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