Safety and Logistics Manager

London (UK) | Washington, D.C. or New York, NY. (US) | Full time; 2-year fixed term contract

Salary range: UK – £61,700 to £65,400 US - $95,500 to $101,300

I. Position Summary

The Safety and Logistics Manager would be an integral part of the Executive Office of Malala Fund. They would independently manage travel and logistics for our highest-level executives. They would ensure that all security protocols are in place for high-level travel and that logistical needs are met by coordinating across internal and external stakeholders. They will work closely with the Chief of Staff - the Executive Office and the Executive Office coordinator to ensure travel, logistics, and security for the traveling party are seamless and safe.

To serve as the Safety and Logistics Manager in the Executive Office of Malala Fund, the candidate needs to have good knowledge of intergovernmental and political affairs and experience working with high-profile people. An individual should have a demonstrated track record of supporting high-level executives/principals from corporate, government, military or non-profit sectors coupled with excellent business communication, knowledge of governmental protocols a high degree of humility, integrity, and discretion. The candidate should be able to work independently and in the background, making sure that everything is aligned at the frontline.

  • Uphold the values of Malala Fund and actively contribute to making Malala Fund a diverse and equitable workplace through inclusive practice and openness to different perspectives, cultures, and ideas.
  • Be emotionally intelligent, with good people skills, be an excellent communicator with a high degree of humility, integrity, and discretion.
  • Can motivate and persuade others.
  • Maintain behaviour and conduct which upholds the highest standards for safeguarding, confidentiality and professionalism.

II. Responsibilities

Direct Support on Security and Travel

  • Responsible for dealing with security personnel in the U.K and internationally. Work with the protection teams and relevant departments to manage all security-related matters. Manage travel for our executive in the U.K, sharing regular monthly schedules, upcoming international travel and ad-hoc travel plans with the security teams in place and updating them on the personal security situation on a regular basis.
  • Work with private and government security teams of countries where Malala Fund has planned trips to ensure appropriate security arrangements are in place.
  • Manage security protocols for overseas travel, including on flights, in hotels, and on-ground transport, and liaise with event organisers
  • Accompany the executive team during all national and international travel (up to 70% of the role).
  • Lead advance trips where necessary and/or arrange an advance team to undertake that trip.
  • Organise every aspect of national (UK) and international travel for Malala Fund-related business, accompanying the executives as required.
  • Overseas planning and execution of executive trips, ensuring security for on-ground commutes, airport transfers, accommodation, and appropriate staffing ensuring that it is done to the highest standards along with maintaining discretion
  • Keep up to date with risk and security issues nationally and internationally that may impact the decision-making process for Malala Fund trips, suggesting improvements to comply with applicable legal and international standards.
  • Coordinate arrangements to create seamless experiences for the executives while liaising with the security teams, Malala Fund staff, partners, vendors, and all external contacts.
  • Managing progress on briefing notes, ensuring the team meets timelines, following up with relevant departments to add information to the briefings, and coordinating with the communications team to ensure that everything is aligned and on message.
  • Ensure that the verbal and written briefings for all trips, engagements, meetings, and visits are prepared in a timely manner during and before travel.
  • Travel on trips, to meetings and engagements to ensure that everything goes according to plan.
  • Stay updated on all visa needs for the executive office and independently arrange for all necessary visas as required for travel.
  • Outreach to relevant embassies and government agencies to ensure visas and security protocols.
Provide Logistics and Administrative Support to the Executive Office
  • Prepare log frames and budgets for international trips and ensure that all appropriate approvals are in place for the corresponding expenses.
  • Work closely with the Chief of Staff - Executive Office and the Malala Fund Executive Leadership Team for annual planning of executive travel and corresponding engagements.
  • Proactively respond to last-minute travel and engagement requests.
  • Responsible for booking flights and accommodation, arranging transportation, coordinating schedules, and ensuring that all necessary documents, equipment, and materials are available for travel and events involving staff from the Executive office.
  • Ensure the Executive office is compliant with relevant laws and regulations nationally and internationally suggesting improvements to comply with applicable legal and international standards.
  • Ensure implementation of and compliance with the Malala Fund regulatory framework for travel.
  • Support asset management by identifying and recording assets, in line with the guideline, and monitoring consumables stock to ensure availability.
  • Support buildings management, data protection, information security, and other operational and administrative activities.
  • Support implementation of the operations work plans and budget and support other operations team activities as requested.
  • Manages and regularly updates the shared calendar relevant to the executive office after coordinating across different teams.
Organisational Culture
  • Upholds the values of Malala Fund.
  • Actively contributes to making Malala Fund a diverse and equitable workplace through inclusive practice and openness to different perspectives, cultures and ideas.
  • Maintains behaviour and conduct that uphold the highest standards for safeguarding, professionally and personally.
  • Acts as a role model for a ‘learning organisation’ culture by seeking insight and using problems as opportunities to learn.

III. Knowledge, Experience and Behaviours


  • A tertiary qualification in politics, security, international development, or related field.
  • Significant experience in a similar role, advising and working closely with high-level or high-profile individuals (as part of a security team, advance party employee or on a consultancy basis).
  • Experience working with high-level politicians or in a politicised context.
  • Experience managing and coordinating across complex multi-stakeholder projects or networks.
  • Experience handling sensitive and confidential information with the highest level of discretion.
  • Solid and demonstrated safeguarding, protection or security management experience and high degree of diplomacy and discretion.
  • Experience working with security personnel local and internationally.
  • Experience of high profile and complex travel and logistics management.
  • Excellent communication, project management and organisational skills.
  • Ability to think critically and consistently apply good judgment.
  • Experience in effectively working with a wide variety of people in a fast-paced environment with multiple priorities and frequent deadlines.
  • High attention to detail, accuracy, and quality.
  • Self-directed work ethic.
  • The ability to travel (up to 70%) internationally and a willingness to be flexible in working hours working across different time zones.
  • Experience with budget management.
  • Operations management experience in a similar context.
  • Strong commitment to Malala Fund’s mission, purpose and values.
  • Strong commitment to gender equality, anti-racism, anti-discrimination, decolonisation and social justice.
  • Strong commitment to professional development and continued learning.
  • Excellent team player with ability to work independently and in collaboration with colleagues at all levels across departments and external stakeholders.
  • Fluency in written and spoken Urdu and/or Pashto language.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Apps and other IT systems with preference of security systems.
  • Research, writing and presentation skills.
  • Awareness of media agendas and understanding of social media.
  • Knowledgeable in the use of prominent social media platforms.

Malala Fund is committed to racial equity and social justice. We actively seek applicants from diverse backgrounds, experiences and identities, to provide a wide range of perspectives, ideas, views and insights into the strategy, policies, culture and ambitions of Malala Fund. We would particularly welcome applications from candidates who have lived in countries in which Malala Fund is operating.

IV. About Malala Fund

Registered as a public charity in the U.K. and U.S., Malala Fund is working toward a world where all girls can learn and lead. With more than 130 million girls out of school today, we're breaking down barriers that hold girls back.

Malala Fund advocates for resources and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education. The girls we serve have high goals for themselves and we have high expectations for leaders who can help them. We invest in local education leaders and front-line organisations — the people who best understand girls in their communities — in regions where most girls are missing out on secondary school. We give girls the tools they need to advocate for education and equality in their communities and a platform for the world to hear their voices. We believe girls should speak for themselves and tell leaders what they need to learn and achieve their potential.

V. How to Apply

Please submit your CV/resume and cover letter through the application link by 29 March 2023.

Applicant must have right to work in the location they are applying and will be expected to work from that location.

Please be aware we are reviewing applications on a rolling basis and reserve the right to close the vacancy should a suitable candidate be identified before the closing date.

Please note that due to the very high number of applications we receive when positions are posted, we are only able to respond directly to candidates with whom we wish to move forward in the interview process.

Please note you must have the required right to work for the location you are applying for. You will be asked to provide proof of your right to work should you be selected for interview.

Malala Fund is an inclusive organisation and welcomes applications from under-represented and intersectional groups including BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and persons with disabilities. We are seeking people from different backgrounds, cultures, age, experience and identities, to provide a wide range of experience, ideas, views and insights into the strategy, policies, culture and ambitions of Malala Fund.

Malala Fund is committed to ensuring the safety of those involved in our work. Our first priority is protecting everyone who comes in direct or indirect contact with our organisation. Malala Fund has a zero-tolerance approach to abuse and exploitation by any of our staff, representatives or partners. We commit to ensuring that those who work with Malala Fund or on our behalf are able to work in an environment that is free from harm. To this end, Malala Fund reserves the right to conduct background checks on prospective and current employees.