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Developing Malala Fund’s campaigning approach and capacity

Following a review of Malala Fund’s policy change public campaigning work to date, Malala Fund is seeking a consultant(s) to help us agree and pilot a campaigns approach over 15 months, with a view to informing the organisation’s campaigning framework and structure longer-term.

Background and Purpose

Malala Fund is working toward a world where all girls can learn and lead. Towards this end, influencing is one of four change strategies we employ as an organisation.

We support and develop global, regional, national and local advocacy initiatives that centre girls’ needs and shift reform in favour of girls’ education, with a particular focus on education financing, education quality and social norms. We deploy a range of tools and approaches to achieve our strategic advocacy goals, including direct advocacy with decision-makers (including by our co-founders), media advocacy, strategic dissemination of research, and public campaigning.

Last year, we commissioned a review of our public campaigning and sought recommendations for how we could better leverage the approach to enhance the impact of our influencing work globally and in programme countries. The review recommended that Malala Fund builds on its strategic advocacy and creative communications by developing a connected, holistic public campaigns approach and piloting new mobilising and organising approaches into Malala Fund’s public campaigning strategy.

The purpose of this consultancy is to: 1) work with Malala Fund to develop and pilot a holistic campaigns approach over the next 15 months around a particular girls’ education issue; 2) identify and bring in additional short-term capacity as needed to deliver an effective campaign and demonstrate the skills and competencies Malala Fund could consider building into a campaign function longer-term; 3) document learning from developing and implementing the campaign that can usefully inform Malala Fund’s longer-term campaigning identity and approach.

Scope of work

The consultant(s) will:

  • Run a campaigns learning day and campaigns training for key staff and co-founders.
  • Facilitate and capture the outcomes of two campaign planning sessions with key staff and co-founders. These sessions should:
    • Discuss and agree campaign criteria for what makes a ‘Malala Fund’ campaign, including criteria for tiering campaigns depending on their priority and resourcing needs.
    • Brainstorm the tactics Malala Fund could use in its campaigns and learn from movements that are using brave and creative tactics.
    • Identify 1 global/flagship campaign to develop and pilot a holistic campaigning strategy over the next 9-12 months year, with a strong mobilisation component.
    • As part of the global/flagship campaign, select 1-2 country programmes to test out an explicit organising approach bringing together Programmes, Communications and Advocacy.
    • Identify how the global team can support country organising and drive inclusive communication about campaign activity between global and national teams.
  • Identify and facilitate opportunities to include national staff members in strategic planning, as well as Education Champions and Girl Activists.
  • Establish a campaign management framework and tools, including a cross-organsational campaigns working group, a campaign planning template, clear decision-making lines and standard criteria and data to collect for each campaign to determine impact and lessons.
  • Oversee the implementation of the chosen campaign for a 9-12 month period, bringing in additional capacity as needed to supplement the skills and competencies of the existing Malala Fund team and documenting learning and recommendations to inform a longer-term campaign function in Malala Fund.


  • A campaign learning day/training session
  • Two cross-organisational (and cross-country) campaign planning workshops
  • A 9-12-month global campaign plan and associated campaign management tools
  • Three cross-organisational (and cross-country) campaign review and learning sessions
  • A final report reflecting on learning from the campaign and proposals for longer-term campaign approach and structure in Malala Fund (drawing on previous work commissioned by Malala Fund).


  • 12 August 2022 – Expressions of Interest due from candidates
  • 26 August 2022 – Interviews with finalist consultants completed
  • 2 September 2022 – Contract executed with consultant
  • W/c 5 September 2022 – Introductory call
  • September/October 2022 – 2 x organisational campaign planning workshops
  • November/December 2022 – Campaign plan and budget developed and agreed
  • January 2023 – Campaign launch
  • April 2023 – Campaign review and learning session
  • July 2023 – Campaign review and learning session
  • October 2023 – Final campaign review and learning session
  • 2 December 2023 – Report reflecting on learning from the campaign and proposals for longer-term campaign approach and structure in Malala Fund

How to Apply

By Close of Business BST 12 August 2022

Consultants wishing to be considered for the consultancy are invited to submit:

  1. A brief expression of interest summarizing relevant experience and vision for the work (maximum two pages).
  2. CVs of consultant(s).
  3. Budget with the consultant(s) monthly rate and any other expense, including applicable tax, OR, a lump sum amount to deliver the consultancy.

Please submit applications to